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Pandamatics is an AI-driven insurtech platform for holistically assessing the cyber risk of an organization.

Pandamatics deploys extensive underwriting expertise alongside artificial intelligence technologies to assess the cyber risk profile of organizations in near real time, providing strategic recommendations for risk reduction.

Our patent-pending risk assessment methodology embraces five dimensions of cyber exposure to identify and assess the robustness of security infrastructure, behavior of critical data, threat intelligence, regulatory compliance, and the human risk of organizations. Our approach encompasses both offense and defense, technology and humans, data and its behavior. 

Underwriters also benefit from these and other aggregated inputs to best assess and price cyber risk in Asia.

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We believe cyber risk can be
accurately measured
 and fairly priced.

Cyber risk management products tend to focus on a one-dimensional approach to cyber risk, namely, the organization's defensive cybersecurity perimeter—misrepresenting the broader cyber risk.

Cyber underwriters also tend to approach cyber risk as an extension of their liability and financial lines, without understanding the underlying cyber risk exposure.

These inadequate approaches to measuring risk often lead to underestimated losses for underwriters, with sub-optimal pricing and incomplete understanding of exposure for the insured.

However, by holistically assessing the broader range of factors leading to a breach, both underwriters and the insured can better measure risk and take the appropriate actions to reduce the probability of loss.