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While many insurers provide elements of cyber insurance coverage under other policy types and extensions, we understand that cyber security poses an existential risk to modern businesses. 

Cyber risk must be addressed directly, requiring comprehensive coverage and holistic cyber risk management solutions. For this reason, Pandamatics cyber underwriters work alongside Blackpanda cyber security professionals, bringing together the best of international experience and local fieldwork to create bespoke solutions for APAC clients. Our comprehensive cyber insurance policies and value-adding services and technologies help protect businesses from financial and reputational losses following a cyber incident. 

We understand holistic cyber risk, and we protect as a team. 

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Standalone cyber insurance policies provide up to USD 5 million in coverage across a broad class of industry segments and cover the full spectrum of cyber risk—from human error to cyber attacks, financial losses, and reputational damage.

Business Interruption

The loss of income that you may suffer from a cyber attack

Extortion & Ransom Negotiation

The costs of handling ransomware negotiations


Digital Forensics Expenses

Costs incurred to investigate, examine, and analyse a computer network

Data Recovery Costs

Costs to regain access to or restore your data assets from back-ups or other sources


Stakeholder Notification

Costs incurred in notifying data subjects and any regulatory body, and providing credit monitoring services

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Third-Party Liabilities

Liabilities and the cost of defending regulatory investigations after any alleged breach of data protection legislation

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Legal Counsel

Legal costs incurred to manage a data breach

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Reputational Damage

Includes PR and crisis management support, as well as lost income or customers

In addition to Blackpanda being the named responder on all Pandamatics Underwriting policies, our response panel is comprised of some of the most respected organizations in cyber breach management, cyber legal counsel, and crisis public relations management.


Legal Counsel

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Breach Management


Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Public Relations


Value-Adding Services & Technologies

Pandamatics Underwriting offers policyholders both complimentary and discounted access to trusted cyber risk management partners. The following value-adding services and technologies are available with the purchase of a Pandamatics Underwriting insurance policy to help manage organizational risk as well as facilitate fast and efficient response in the event of a cyber breach.


Combined with our cyber insurance policies, these partners provide the essential tools and services necessary to deliver a truly holistic post-breach risk management and business continuity solution.


Cyber Care Package & Strategic Advisory

Blackpanda offers complimentary DarkOwl dark net scanning along with best practice guides covering practical recommendations for reducing organisational cyber risk, backed by advisory services from Blackpanda cyber security experts.


Remote Incident Response

Pandarecon is a proprietary incident response tool that enables remote forensic data collection and response following an incident. Pandarecon is pre-installed on customer endpoints to provide real-time risk analysis and immediate activation for expedited incident investigation and resolution.



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Blackpanda specialists also offer pre-breach consulting and preparation services such as IR Plan & Playbook Development, Tabletop Exercises, Digital Forensics Investigations, Compromise Assessments, and more.

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Digital Forensics & Incident Response Preparation


The SentinelOne platform applies AI-driven, behavior-based threat monitoring to detect intrusions and defend against a full range of attack-types.

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Endpoint Threat Detection & Response

Available via 

Trusted Partners

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

VAPT services are rigorous security assessments with attack simulations that help organizations improve security posture and fix exploitable vulnerabilities in their web or network systems and applications.


Acronis hybrid cloud encrypted backup solutions streamline data protection and restoration efforts, with automated backups of critical data across all major operating systems.

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Anti-Ransomware & Encrypted Cloud Backup