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Cyber Insurance

Take the Next Step with 

with Pandamatics Underwriting

IR-1 clients will have easier access to cyber insurance at discounted premiums with our cyber specialist insurance partners Pandamatics Underwriting. Here is what they have to say: 

You likely have property and liability insurance for your business. Perhaps you have even insured your mobile phone. But few SMEs in Asia have insurance for their digital assets. You have taken the first step by subscribing to IR-1, ensuring you have on-hand support during a cyber incident.

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Yet often the loss of access to data or online systems is only the beginning:

  • Many countries require notification of authorities and the public in cases where data theft is suspected.

  • Business partners or private individuals may sue if they feel the targeted organisation did not do enough to keep their data safe - or, if stolen data was used to commit further crimes.

The logistical, financial and reputational impact of scenarios like these are difficult for SMEs to manage alone. With cyber insurance, you do not have to.

Policy Coverage

As a policyholder, you gain a dedicated team that handles all the critical tasks involved in incident management - and your policy covers the cost. Standalone cyber insurance policies provide up to USD 5 million in coverage across a broad range of industries and cover the full spectrum of cyber risk.

Business Interruption
Stakeholder Notification
Extortion & Ransom
Digital Forensics Expenses
Legal Counsel
Reputational Damage
Data Recovery Costs
Third-Party Liabilities

Cyber insurance provides critical, comprehensive support when the worst happens.
Think of it as "IR-1 Plus"

IR-1 Subscription

Emergency incident response

Security scans

Cybersecurity resources

Exclusive events

Cyber Insurance

Extensive post-breach remediation and business restoration

Legal counsel to manage the regulatory and business fallout during the breach

Public relations support to avoid reputational damage

Who We Are 

Pandamatics Underwriting is one of Asia’s first home-grown cyber MGAs, to provide preferential rates to Blackpanda customers who buy an insurance policy. Pandamatics is committed to providing comprehensive insurance cover to businesses in the region and helps them secure their digital operations.

Get in touch with Pandamatics Underwriting to obtain further information cyber insurance options for your organisation.

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